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The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the application is to report animal incidents observed on a regular basis without putting in time and effort. Other features of the application includes adoptions, ambulance service, and vaccination camps.



Personal project


8 weeks



Brief summary

Problem statement

How to provide an efficient way for users to report and help animals in need, through an easy-to-use interface?


I designed a platform to facilitate easy reporting of animal incidents observed on a regular basis without putting in time and effort.

Targeted users

Working adults, animal lovers, and animal welfare activists.

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User research

User research summary.png

Pain points

Based on the interviews conducted, I categorized the user's pain points into four prominent groups.

Pain points.png

User personas

I created two personas along with their user story to effectively empathize user's pain points.

Persona 1

User story

Persona 2

User story

User journey

Below table explains the different steps a user undergoes throughout his journey in getting an animal admitted to the shelter. This study revealed the improvement opportunities existing in each step.

User journey.png

Competitive audit

I conducted a competitive audit comparing two of the most popular shelters around my area. Based on the audit and the opportunities for improvement found, I prepared a report containing their strengths and weaknesses.

This study offered great insights to develop initial designs for the application.

To download the details of the audit, click here.
To download the audit report, click here.

Paper wireframes

I sketched several versions of different pages and finalized the pages by incorporating the best usability features of each version.

Wireframes for the home page can be seen below. 

Paper wireframes_edited.jpg


Low-fidelity mockups

The finalized paper wireframes were converted to digital screens using Figma. 
Below are a few of the digital low-fidelity mockups.

Pixel 7 Pro Mockup1.png
Pixel 7 Pro Mockup2.png
Pixel 7 Pro Mockup3.png
Pixel 7 Pro Mockup4.png

Test the prototype

High-fidelity mockups

Based on the issues discovered during usability testing with users, I modified the low-fidelity screens to obtain the high-fidelity mockups.

Pixel 7 Pro Mockup5.png
Pixel 7 Pro Mockup3.png
Pixel 7 Pro Mockup6.png
Pixel 7 Pro Mockup4.png

Test the prototype

Next steps

Testing with a broader user base and refine the designs

The application will be tested with a broader set of users including family members, users in the locality, and posted online for suggestions and improvements. Before release, final alterations will be performed based on accessibility considerations, if any.

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