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Adjustable student-friendly desk

The conventional desk has been modified to improve the overall functionality, reliability, and maintainability. The product considers several ergonomic factors in its design and provides comfort for the user.

Problem in consideration

The conventional desk allows no room for adjustments and should thus be replaced by a more student-friendly desk to enhance student's learning capabilities.

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The modeling of the desk has been done using SolidWorks software.

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Height adjustment

The legs are provided with slots which are interlocked using screws. These screws may be loosened to alter the height of the desk based on requirement.

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Inclinable desk-top

The working space on the desk is designed inclusively to accommodate a certain level of inclination.

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Extra compartment

A compartment has been included in the desk for storing some essential stationery amongst other items.

Final product

Overall, the design was accepted and proved effective in enhancing learning capabilities. The modifications to the conventional design facilitated effortless usage of the desk.


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