The project explores adapting Alleo MultiShare for the education sector, aiming to integrate advanced digital collaboration tools into K-12 classrooms. We focused on enhancing Alleo’s platform to meet the specific needs of education, seeking to transform teaching practices with innovative technology solutions.

“How can Alleo fill in the digital needs of the education market?”

100% Endorsement

6/6 educators confirmed our solution’s potential to enhance future teaching methods.



4 Product Designers


Product Manager

Customer Success Manager

Chief Operating Officer


7 months

Target users

K-12 Educators

Project Background

What is Alleo?

Immersive collaboration for hybrid rooms of tomorrow.

Alleo is a web-based platform that enhances team collaboration, making meetings and brainstorming sessions more interactive and productive.

What was our objective?

Bringing Alleo MultiShare to Education

Our project centered around exploring how the Alleo platform could be used to develop innovative ways to enhance educational practices through advanced digital collaboration.

Drag-and-drop images, video files, documents, and screenshare multiple live sources in real-time.

Introducing Alleo MultiShare


Understanding the market

Our work targeted the K-12 education market, engaging in comprehensive market research to identify unique challenges and opportunities within this sector.

Leveraging Canvas

Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is extensively used by schools throughout America to manage courses, present lessons, evaluate students, and track academic progress simply and effectively.

Technology-Driven Teaching Today

Closest competitors

Each of these platforms brings a distinct set of capabilities to the educational environment, reflecting the diverse needs and teaching strategies that modern educators employ.


Mural is highly regarded for its real-time collaboration capabilities, making it ideal for remote teams and virtual classrooms where live interaction and teamwork are essential.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a powerful tool for engaging students and enhancing learning through interactive whiteboards and multimedia integration.


Lucidchart supports educational environments by facilitating group discussions and creative thinking exercises.

Only Lucidchart integrates with Canvas LMS, but its focus on diagramming restricts wider educational features like multimedia integration and interactive tools.


Unresolved Needs

Tab navigation

Existing platforms require navigating through multiple tabs, complicating the lesson delivery process and diverting educators' focus from teaching effectively.

Student Engagement

Current tools fall short in addressing student distractions and managing their short attention spans, leading to reduced educational efficacy.

Problem Statement

"How might we leverage Alleo's capabilities to simplify navigation and boost student engagement on educational platforms in the K-12 sector?"


What does Alleo offer?

How will Alleo help teachers?

This is Emily.

She is a history teacher eager to teach about World War II.

Scenario #1 - Lesson Delivery

Emily prepares engaging lessons with diverse media content like YouTube videos, PDFs, and audio files.

Despite her preparation, Emily struggles with the inefficiency of managing multiple tabs, which disrupts the flow of her teaching.

Our initial proposal

Automated Content Integration

All content intended for presentation will be automatically fetched using APIs from various sources, then populated directly into the Alleo board for streamlined access and display.

But there was a problem with this

“In order to have Alleo automatically pull links or files that have been uploaded to Canvas into an Alleo board, there would need to be a true integration between Canvas and Alleo - which we do not currently have. A true integration would require an authentication connection between Canvas and Alleo”.

- Product Manager

How we tackled this

Introduced Content Staging

To address the integration limitations between Canvas and Alleo, a user-driven content management feature was introduced. Users can upload their materials into a staging area on the Alleo board, allowing them to organize and position their resources manually as desired.

Scenario #2 - Class Activity

Emily decides to conduct a brief class activity to assess her students' understanding of World War II.

She finds it overly cumbersome to post and collect assignments on Canvas for such a brief class activity.

Our proposal

Rapid testing and feedback

Our redesigned Alleo layout streamlines classroom activities by integrating a setup where teachers can post tasks, collect submissions, and give feedback directly, eliminating the need for multiple steps and simplifying the activity coordination process.

Here’s how our final ideas looked like

Lesson Delivery Layout

Interactive Class Activity Layout


Scenario 1: Teaching a class

Scenario 2: Conducting an activity


Was all this working as intended?

Alleo’s sidebar was crowded.

Alleo's sidebar was overloaded with numerous features and widgets, making it challenging for educators to efficiently locate and utilize essential tools during testing.

“This sidebar has so many features—it's a bit overwhelming.”

What did we do to rectify this?

Refined Alleo Toolbar

The redesigned Alleo toolbar is optimized for educational use, featuring a simplified selection of essential tools for annotations, widgets to embed content from online resources, and also some slide management.

This approach enhances usability, making it easier for educators to engage with the software and focus more effectively on teaching.

Final Designs

Onto the Alleo Board

Lesson Delivery Layout

This layout is optimized for lesson delivery, featuring a central main area for primary presentations and additional display areas for supporting content. This setup allows for seamless access to supplementary materials without the need for tab switching, enhancing the teaching experience.

Interactive Class Activity Layout

Designed for engaging class activities and quick feedback, this layout includes a prompt area for activity directions, a timer for time-bound tasks, and a staging area for supporting materials. Students can add their teams and submit deliverables in the Student's Arena, while teachers provide feedback directly on the board, fostering a cohesive and interactive learning environment.




All six educators endorsed Alleo's potential for educational use, confirming its foundational effectiveness.


Proved enhancements in engagement and efficiency, paving the way for expanded educational use and development.


Adapting designs to align with technological capabilities for better functionality.

Completing project handoffs with clear, detailed design documentation.